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Songs for children’s classes

Teaching Children's Classes Grade 2 Teaching Children's Classes Grade 1

We are happy to provide here recordings of some of the songs found in the children’s class materials for grades 1 and 2. Please feel free to download the songs and use them in your educational activities. Additionally, it is permissible to translate and record these songs into various languages, provided that no recording be sold or used for commercial purposes in any way.

This page will be updated from time to time, as additional songs are completed; you may wish to check the page occasionally for new postings.

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Songs in French
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All songs from Grade 1 lessons
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Lesson 1 Mon premier conseil
Lesson 2 Une noble voie
Lesson 3 Aimer, aimer, aimer
Lesson 4 Paroles de vérité
Lesson 5 Fontaine de générosité
Lesson 6 Préfère ton frère
Lesson 7 La joie donne des ailes
Lesson 8 À tout instant
Lesson 9 Sois comme la terre
Lesson 10 Louange à toi Seigneur
Lesson 11 Voir le bien
Lesson 12 Briller plus fort que le soleil
Lesson 13 Sois juste
Lesson 14 Sur les ailes du détachement
Lesson 15 Accorde-moi ma part
Lesson 16 La quête de l’unité
Lesson 17 La source du courage
Lesson 18 Sois plein d’espérance
Lesson 19 Petites mains occupées
Lesson 20 Flamme de l’amour de Dieu
Lesson 21 Soyons radieux
Lesson 22 Je veux être plein de joie
Lesson 23 Patience
Lesson 24 Fermes dans l’amour de Dieu

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